Welcome 2019 With Subnet Services Training Courses

It’s a brand new year again, and Subnet Services has a brand new training schedule for all our courses. If you want to penetrate the fiber optics industry or join the offshore oil and gas industry and pilot a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), here’s our full-year training schedule for all our courses.

Subnet Services ROV Training

Start 2019 with success in mind! Train in Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with Subnet Services. We are the first company to provide the ROV Pilot Technician Course in the Philippines. For your reference, we have just released our full year ROV training schedule. Interested to enroll in any of these courses?

ROV Electrical Safety Awareness

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for underwater has been the partner in the offshore oil rig, underwater communication cable installations, and other major underwater constructions for safety installations and maintenance. ROV uses different sizes, from an observation class weighing less than 10kg to a work class ROV weighing 1 to a hundred tons in weight. Electrical power requirements of ROV increase from less than 1kw to a thousand kilowatts of power in relation to its class. The risks involved in electrical safety also increase without proper training in electrical safety awareness.

ROV pilot

Over the last 20 years or so, ROV Pilots and Technicians have had to master more and more trades and skills. In these days of small operation teams, working with more complex systems, usually far from home, they are expected to keep all their equipment at 100% availability, as well as use their special skills in navigating their vehicles safely and surely around all the hazards of the subsea environment.


Did you know that word August means respected and impressive? Having said that, SubNet Services encourages you to be an august person this August by enrolling in our internationally certified training courses. Read the full article to know our full training schedule for August.