Subnet would like to congratulate our four latest students from Australian Department of Defense. These 4 Australian students showed their dedication from start to finish and so were able to complete the course to a high level of competence. It was a pleasure to train these men who were great ambassadors of their country.

Companies have expressed the need to hire ROV Pilot Tech 1 but struggle to find and promote their staff who do not have the record of competency.
ROV pilots who hold a ROV Pilot Tech 1 competence certificate is the most suitable to be hired & promoted.

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Working in the field of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is both exciting and rewarding thus, many people especially those in a related industry are training or retraining in ROV. In fact, there are many ROV training providers all over the world available for anyone who wants to skill up and step up their ROV career.

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Are you a new entrant to the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) industry? Do you already have a technical certification either in electronics, electrical, mechanical, or fiber optics? In any case, are you interested to train in Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician Standard-S (ROV05S) immediately and at the comfort of your home? Then Subnet Services offers you our Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician Standard-E (ROV05E) training course.

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The Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) industry is reportedly doing well, as offshore ROV will register a 6.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in terms of revenue and reach US$330 million by 2023 from US$ 220 million in 2017. As the first to provide the ROV Pilot Technician course in the Philippines, Subnet Services will be sharing with you all our ROV training courses to help you decide which one you should take. For this week, we are featuring the Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician Standard-S (ROV05S).