Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) have many uses in various industries such as aquaculture, commercial and salvage diving, environmental research, military, municipal infrastructure, oil and energy, search and rescue operations, shipping, underwater discovery, you name it. But did you know that while ROVs have been a source for information and education, they have also been a source of entertainment and leisure? For this week’s blog feature, SubNet Services will share with you some of the movies that used and/or featured ROVs.

Here in the Philippines, schools of basic education open classes in June. That’s the reason why this month is specially viewed as a new beginning for most students despite the fact that it also denotes the end of the second quarter, as well as the middle of the year. And while SubNet Services training school is open all year round, we would like to encourage everyone (who has not enrolled yet in any of our trainings) to book his/her preferred SubNet course now.


SubNet Services is known to be the first company to ever provide the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Pilot Technician Course in the Philippines. We have been offering this course, along with other related trainings, to help aspiring ROV personnel penetrate the exciting and high paying ROV industry. But for this feature, let us have a further discussion about ROVs. What are they really like? When and where did they originate? How are they operated? What are their uses? Let us find these things out, as we take a deeper look at these underwater robots.

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As we now begin the second quarter of 2018, we encourage you to reflect on what the past few months have offered you so far. Have you reached some of your goals? Or are you still working your way towards achieving it? Whether you are eyeing something bigger in your career or in life generally, it is important that you evaluate the steps you are taking. If it will help you in one way or another, keep doing it. If not, you can always start anew.

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In the Philippines, SubNet Services is the first company to ever provide the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Pilot Technician training course. Largely, we offer ROV courses in three categories: (1) entry level, (2) advanced level, and (3) supplementary. To know more about our ROV courses, please read more from this post.