Global ROV Industry Updates

It is a fact that the global remotely operated vehicle (ROV) market is related to the offshore activities in the oil and gas industry. Thus, the market is affected whenever there is a rally or decline in the offshore activities. Now that we have entered a brand new year, we can’t help but ask how is the ROV industry doing? What are the things that we should be expecting in 2019?

ROV Training

Take a quick look back at what 2017 had been especially for the industry of remotely operated vehicle (ROV). In this post, we have compiled some of the ROV industry reports and statistics released this year that are worth taking note of. Read more.

ROV training

Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are known as tethered underwater mobile devices that are mostly used by oil and gas companies to visit rigs, explore deep water ecology, investigate sea beds, inspect critical areas underwater, plug leaking oil wells, and basically maintain their operations. But did you know that ROVs are also utilized for research and scientific purposes?

ROV Industry

Interested to know how the ROV industry has been doing lately? Let’s take a comprehensive look at what it has gone through since the 2014 industry slowdown.