Subnet Services ROV Q2 Training Schedule

The second quarter of 2019 is just around the corner. In case you aspire to train and to work in the global industry of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) very soon, you may look into our ROV Q2 training schedule to get started.

A Glimpse of Subnet Services ROV Training

Last week, Subnet Services concluded our training course blog series with a full feature on our advanced level course in remotely operated vehicle (ROV). As a breather, we will now be giving you a glimpse of our recently held ROV trainings like ROV Supervisor Course (ROV01S) and Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician Standard-S (ROV05S) through the following action photos.

Enroll Now in Subnet Services' ROV01S Course!

ROV Supervisor (Module Number: ROV01S) is an advanced level ROV training that runs for one week. This course is for delegates who are already working in the ROV industry and are getting close to wanting to offer supervisory skills. It covers IMCA recommendations within two modules including training on R01 competences.

Enroll Now in Subnet Services' SNR04001CFOT Course

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) supplementary courses are designed for personnel who are already working in the ROV industry and are either (1) working in the industry but may not have or may need additional training that is included in the given modules or (2) entry level ROV personnel who may have taken a ROV course that did not include the training required in the given modules. For this week, let’s talk about another ROV supplementary training called High Voltage and Fiber Optics for ROV Pilot Technicians (Module Number: SN/R04/001CFOT).

Enroll Now in Subnet Services' ROV1005CFOT Course

As the first training school to offer the ROV Pilot Technician course in the Philippines, Subnet Services understands that all ROV students have different backgrounds and training needs that’s why we provide a wide range of ROV trainings that are further categorized into entry, advanced, and supplementary levels. For this week, we will be featuring the Electronics and Fiber Optics for ROV Pilot Technicians (Module Number: ROV1005CFOT) training course.