Companies have expressed the need to hire ROV Pilot Tech 1 but struggle to find and promote their staff who do not have the record of competency.

ROV pilots who hold a ROV Pilot Tech 1 competence certificate is the most suitable to be hired & promoted.

 Requirements to join this course:

  • ROV Log Book
  • Offshore medical
    if no medical we can supply here when you participate in the course.
    Offshore survival Course
    if no we can supply OGUK here when you do this course.
  • 180 Days offshore – If no, let us know how many you have?
  • 100 or more hours proven flying time BUT if you are low hours we can give you up to 40 hours FLYING  to make up to the 100 during training.


Upgrade to Pilot Tech 1 NOW!
Click here to view the full details and Fill out the form to join the training.

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