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If you have been a follower of SubNet Services, you would have known by now that we regularly conduct training courses in both fiber optics and remotely operated vehicle (ROV). But in case you have just come across our page now, we are delighted to tell you that all our trainings are ongoing all year round. So if you missed last month’s or last week’s training, we have upcoming schedule for you to choose from.

SubNet Services Fiber Optics Training Courses

As the only Fiber Optics Association (FOA) approved school in Metro Manila, you can get an international certification in fiber optics after less than a week of training with us. We currently offer four (4) fiber optic training courses that can help you land a job in the fiber optics industry.

Want to be a fiber optic or a premises cabling technician or both? Book your fiber optics training now!

SubNet Services ROV Training Courses

Meanwhile, as the first company to provide ROV training courses in the Philippines, SubNet Services has eight (8) ROV course offerings. These include four (4) entry level courses, one (1) advanced level, and three (3) supplementary courses. The training duration of these courses ranges from one (1) week to seven (7) weeks, depending on your preferred course. Plan how to be a ROV pilot technician and know the career path that awaits you in this industry.

Good news! We also offer training discounts on all ROV training courses until September. So hurry up, book your ROV training now!

Choose our Courses, Choose SubNet Services

As a training school, SubNet Services prides itself on our successful students like Ronel, Hector, and Jose whose post-training experiences are truly inspiring. We are also grateful to have a team of dedicated and quality instructors such as Prescy, Lester, Rennie, and Floridel whom we consider the key players in our students’ success. And as our future student, we are more than happy to be of help to you. Got questions or clarifications? Contact or Email us today for more information.

Be trained and internationally certified!
Only here at SubNet Services.

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