The Key Players in Our Students’ Success (Subnet Services’ Training Instructors)

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Here at SubNet Services, we put our students first. We recognize their potentials, their skills, and their achievements. Nevertheless, we also recognize the key players behind their success – the SubNet training instructors.

In this article, we are featuring the people who generously share their knowledge and expertise to all our students. We will give you some fast facts about them to get to know them a bit more.

Prescila or Prescy, 39, is the longest-tenured fiber optics training instructor at SubNet Services. She has been teaching since April 2014. She currently handles Certified Fiber Optic Training (CFOT), CFOSH Fiber to the Premises (FTTx FTTH), and Certified Premises Cabling Technician (CPCT) courses. As a former IT instructor, her passion for teaching is what keeps her going in her profession, which she considers fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding. She finished college with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

fiber optic training

Prescy in Action: The instructor during a fiber optics training session at SubNet Services’ training facility in Manila, Philippines

Dan Lester or Lester, 30, is one of the three remotely operated vehicle (ROV) instructors of SubNet Services. He has been teaching since July 27, 2015. He currently handles ROV Flying and ROV Electronics courses. As a former technical training instructor, he naturally puts his students first. He likes sharing, communicating, collaborating, and being involved with them. Above all, he believes and exemplifies that having a good teamwork is an integral part of an ROV training. In college, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

ROV Training

Lester in Action: The instructor explaining how ROV is operated during a training session with two of his students

Rennie, 39, has been teaching ROV Flying Course since September 2015. As a former assistant engineer, he was hesitant at first to give teaching a shot. But when he finally did it, he realized a potential that must be fulfilled. No wonder he is very hands-on and effective as an instructor. He always makes it a point that he is updated on the industry, prepared for the upcoming training, and goes the extra mile for his students. For him, teaching ROV is fantastic, overwhelming, and challenging (but rewarding). Like Prescy and Lester, he had a college degree in Electronics and Communications in Engineering.

ROV Training

Rennie in Action: The instructor giving his last minute instructions before a ROV takes its dive on the waters of Subic Bay, Philippines

Floridel, 53, has been teaching at SubNet since December 1, 2016. As a former System Design Engineer, he is well-versed in the industrial and manufacturing sector. He currently handles ROV High Voltage and Basic Hydraulics courses. Like the rest of his co-instructors, Floridel is very hands-on. It is his goal to deliver the course as accurately as possible. He considers being an instructor as fantastic, challenging, and rewarding. In college, he took Electronics Engineering Technology and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Floridel in Action: The instructor in teaching mode during a ROV training in Subic Bay, Philippines

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