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Just a week ago, Subnet Services shared with you everything you need to know about Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician Premium-S (ROV04S) training course. It is the entry-level ROV program designed for new entrants to the industry and is strictly conducted at our ROV training premises for seven (7) weeks.

This week, we will be discussing about the Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician Premium-E (ROV04E) training. It is basically the same as ROV04S; the only difference is that you can take this course online before spending six (6) weeks onsite.

ROV04E Course Modules

The ROV04E course is in line with guidance documents such as the following:

  • R1002 – ROV Familiarisation Basic Introductory Module
  • R010 – Basic ROV Pilot Technician Module
  • R04 – ROV Pilot Technician Grade 2 (IMCA R04 Competency Training Module)
  • SNR04 – SubNet Hydraulics, Electrical, and HV Safety
  • SNR1005 – Electronics for ROV Pilot Technicians
  • TEL2001 – Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT)

ROV04E Course Competencies

Upon your completion of the ROV04E course, you will demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the following:

ROV Familiarisation Basic Introductory Module Content

  • Changes issues and standards
  • Offshore hazard identification
  • Subsea equipment
  • Typical offshore operations and installations

Basic ROV Pilot Technician Module Content

  • High voltage electricity
  • Electricity in hazardous areas
  • ROV launch and recovery systems (LARS)
  • Rigging and slinging

Likewise, finishing the ROV04E course will help you develop competencies that will enable you to:

ROV Pilot Technician Grade 2

  • Locate all relevant health, safety, and quality procedures at the worksite
  • Read and demonstrate an understanding of Company Emergency Procedure documents and where to find them
  • Navigate a ROV to work site in normal environmental conditions
  • Assist with the completion of pre-dive checks of a ROV

SubNet Hydraulics, Electrical, and HV Safety Module Content

  • Identify all electrical components in a typical ROV system and describe their functions.
  • Safely test cables for faults and test after change out
  • Identify all components on a typical ROV hydraulic system and describe their function
  • Perform maintenance activities like replacing oil, filters, top-up, etc.

Electronics for ROV Pilot Technicians Module Content

  • Identify all electronic components in a typical ROV and describe their functions
  • Read electronic schematics
  • Solder
  • Test electronic boards and replace them

Certified Fiber Optics Technician Module Content

  • Understand the history and operation of fiber optics
  • Test fiber optic cables for faults
  • Isolate the fiber optic cable from the umbilical
  • Prepare, splice, and terminate fiber optic cables

All these are just some of the competencies that you will gain upon completing the ROV04E course. To view the complete course competencies, you may download our ROV04E course brochure for your reference.


ROV04E Course Additional Certification

Since the CFOT course is included in the ROV04E training program, you will be given a Fiber Optic Association (FOA) certification once you successfully passed the FOA exam. In other words, you will be a Certified Fiber Optic Technician aside from being a ROV Pilot Technician.

Another good news is, starting January 1, 2019, all FOA certifications issued or renewed will be for a period of three years, not the previous one-year period that it used to implement.

ROV04E Course 2019 Schedule

If you are interested to train in ROV04E soon, you can refer to our first quarter schedule below:

February 11 to March 22, 2019
February 25 to April 5, 2019
March 25 to May 3, 2019


As the first to offer the ROV Pilot Technician course in the Philippines, Subnet Services is delighted to have you as our next ROV trainee. Do you need more information about our ROV04E course? Just get in touch with our Customer Sales Team anytime.


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