Gaining the ROV Supervisor Competency Certificate makes you more desirable for companies to hire and to be part of their ROV Team plans in the future. This course also serves one purpose, to make ROV Personnel and Individuals more competent and suitable for company promotions.

Companies have expressed the need to hire ROV Pilot Tech 1 but struggle to find and promote their staff who do not have the record of competency.
ROV pilots who hold a ROV Pilot Tech 1 competence certificate is the most suitable to be hired & promoted.

Do you need more ROV flying hours experience? Do you want to be a competent, in-demand ROV pilot?
We offer ROV Pilot Flying Hours for your ROV company needs.

Subnet have recently built their Purpose Built IMCA Class A – FULL ROV Team Simulator. The Latest Subnet Services Ltd ROV Simulator is a 4 Man – Team ROV Simulator. Built to train and/or assess competency of 1 or ALL ROV Team Members simultaneously. ROV Supervisor, ROV Pilot, ROV Co Pilot, Rov Data Recorder, 4

Fiber Optics & Structured Cabling
Designing, Planning, Installation and Quality Completion Testing
From the fiber optics network design stage to outside plant and complete FTTH building structured cable installation.