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Subnet Services is known as the only Fiber Optic Association (FOA) approved school in Metro Manila and the first to provide the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Pilot Technician Course in the Philippines. Hence, we have been a reputable company through the years when it comes to providing training courses in the fields of fiber optics and ROV.

Likewise, we pride ourselves for having world-class instructors on board whose experiences, knowledge, and skills not to mention, educational and professional backgrounds are totally unparalleled. To showcase that, we have given our instructors the opportunity to be the guest writers on our blog last month. Let’s take a look back at the articles they have written.

Fiber in Wireless Communication: Distributed Antenna System

Currently, most of us depend on wireless communications, therefore sharing knowledge on DAS technology gives some ideas and awareness to people on how our current technologies make our lives easier and comfortable. As the telecommunications industry goes more wireless, mobility and high speed connections are our utmost concern to do our works with ease. With DAS, it extends the coverage of connections with less power usage in an area. Read full article.

Piloting a Remotely Operated Vehicle

Flying a ROV is not just about moving around underwater. There is a big responsibility of taking care both the equipment and personnel. It requires coordination, positive attitude, patience, and common sense to be able to perform the task at hand successfully. Read full article.

ROV Electrical Safety Awareness

ROV is a state of the art machine with a high price. Personnel who will handle ROV must have a thorough knowledge in its system, operations, and safety electrical awareness, because safety is a collar to an accident free operation. Read full article.

To get a copy of the trainers’ profiles and other free downloads, please visit the Subnet Services Free Download page.

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