Global Fiber Optics Industry Updates

Interested to know some of the global industry updates about fiber optics? Subnet Services will be sharing with you exciting reports and predictions in today’s blog post.

For the 2019-2023 period, leading market research company, Technavio forecasts the global fiber optics market to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 10%. According to the company’s research report, one of the key drivers of this growth is the increase in global Internet traffic brought about by the increasing number of smartphone users.

Meanwhile, among the major applications (telecom, datacom, and others), it is the telecom segment that reportedly dominated the global market throughout the forecast period. Telecom actually held the largest share in 2018 and contributed to over 73% of the fiber optics market.

Likewise, leading publisher of business market research report, Market Research Future is optimistic about the industry. It said that the global market of fiber optics is booming and even projected to demonstrate spectacular growth by 2023. Thanks to the increasing demand of latest technologies, as well as the growing opportunities in the healthcare sector such as endoscopic imaging applications and biomedical sensing applications that are reported to be boosting the market growth of fiber optics.

Updates from the Fiber Optic Association

Now, let’s go and see what the international professional society of fiber optics, Fiber Optic Association (FOA) is currently up to.

In its latest newsletter, it reported that FOA certified technicians crossed the 75,000 mark in the very last week of 2018. This only means that the hundreds of schools offering FOA certifications (Subnet Services being the only FOA-approved school in Metro Manila) have continued to educate the best fiber technicians worldwide.

FOA also said that it fine-tuned its current course offerings to keep up with the changes in fiber optic technology and applications. In 2018 alone, the Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT), Certified Premises Cabling Technician (CPCT), and Certified Fiber Optics Outside Plant (CFOSO) certification programs and their FOA references online and in textbooks have been updated. All these training programs are of course, being offered by Subnet Services in the Philippines.

Moreover, FOA announced that all its certifications issued or renewed will be for a period of three years starting January 1, 2019. It decided that it is time to change its policies to align with the majority of organizations since most certification bodies worldwide have standardized on three-year certifications.

Updates from Subnet Services

In 2018, Subnet Services added two more courses for anyone who wants to expand his skills and boost his career in the field of fiber optics. These courses are the following:

  • Certified Fiber Optics Network Design – CFOSD (TEL2007)
    CFOSD explores the facets of designing fiber optic networks – from choosing components, proposed routing, testing, and documenting to creating a plan and managing installation. It is a three-day training with a CFOT prerequisite.
  • Certified Fiber Optics Outside Plant – CFOSO (TEL2008)
    CFOSO focuses on familiarization with the technology and processes involved in the installation of OSP networks. It is a five-day course combined with CFOT. But if you have already taken your CFOT, this program will only run for two days.

Meanwhile, here’s the list of other fiber optics courses that Subnet Services also offers:

By taking these trainings and earning a FOA certification, you can:

✓ Qualify for overseas employment
✓ Earn high salary as a telecom worker
✓ Get more points for your application when immigrating anywhere in the world

Interested to book your fiber optics course now? You may get in touch with our Customer Sales Team for more information.


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