Ask Subnet: What are the prerequisite courses for your fiber optics training?

What are the prerequisite courses for your training?

With an aim to answer all your queries regarding our training courses, Subnet Services is now back on our segment called “Ask Subnet“. For this week, we will discuss the prerequisite courses for each of our trainings. Let’s start with fiber optics.

Course Title

Course Description


Certified Fiber Optic Technician – CFOT (TEL2001)

It is a three-day training that explores the history and future of fiber optics, its capabilities, and the cost of installation. Since it is the FOA certification for general fiber optics applications, there’s no prerequisite course for this training. None

CFOSH Fiber to the Home Premises FTTx FTTH (TEL2004)

It is a two-day course for anyone who wants to be employed in configuration, installation, testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of FTTx FTTH fiber optic systems. CFOSH has a CFOT prerequisite. But if you want to take the two courses at the same time, you can enroll in TEL2005. CFOT (TEL2001)

Combined Basic CFOT and CFOSH (TEL2005)

It is a two-in-one training (TEL2001 and TEL2005) that runs for five days. It is designed to take the beginner to advanced stage in a short time. None

Certified Premises Cabling Technician – CPCT (TEL2006)

It covers the technology of communications and cabling, fiber optics and fiber optic networks, as well as design and installation of premises networks. It has a CFOT prerequisite. Just like TEL2005, this training will run for five days if taken simultaneously with CFOT. CFOT (TEL2001)

Certified Fiber Optic Network Design – CFOSD (TEL2007)

It explores the facets of designing fiber optic networks – from choosing components, proposed routing, testing, and documenting to creating a plan and managing installation. It is a three-day training with a CFOT prerequisite. CFOT (TEL2001)

Certified Fiber Optic Outside Plant – CFOSO (TEL2008)

It focuses on familiarization with the technology and processes involved in the installation of OSP networks. It is a five-day course if combined with CFOT. But if you have already taken your CFOT, this program will only run for two days. CFOT (TEL2001)


Interested to take any of these courses soon? You may click to view our full 2019 fiber optics training schedule. For more course details, you may get in touch with our Customer Sales Team.


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