Last month, we already blogged about the do’s and don’ts in fiber optic cable handling and shared with you the fiber optics safety rules poster made by no less than the Fiber Optic Association (FOA). This time, we have collaborated with our own training instructors and decided to share with you more safety best practices recommended by the FOA itself while working with fiber optics in the laboratory.

fiber optic internet

As a generation of Internet users, have you ever wondered about the differences among fiber optic Internet, cable, DSL, and other Internet connections? Or have you even known that fiber optic Internet is actually a type of broadband Internet and not a competitor of it? To set things straight, let us discuss about the other types of broadband Internet connections in this feature and see how fiber optic Internet fares better than them.

fiber optics industry

As a training school, SubNet Services puts our students first: their needs, their goals, not to mention, their thoughts. With an aim to get their perspectives on the fiber optics industry in general, we ask for their two cents’ worth at the end of every training. If you are interested to get into the FO industry as well, read on to learn a thing or two from our former trainees.