Why is a Network Design Plan Vital?

Last September, Subnet Services started offering two new courses, one of which is the Certified Fiber Optics Network Design (TEL2007). CFOSD is a three-day program about the process of fiber optic design and its implementation. It explores the facets of designing fiber optic networks – from choosing components, proposed routing, testing, and documenting to creating a plan and managing installation.

But before we discuss this course deeper, let us tackle first the importance of a network design plan.

It has always been said that “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Whether you are in the field of military, medicine, engineering, or information technology, a plan is always deemed necessary to keep you in the right track and help you achieve the goals you set. The same principle applies to network designs.

Network design is a category of systems design that deals with data transport mechanisms. The objective of network design is to satisfy data communication requirements while minimizing expense.1

To be able to meet that objective, a network design plan is very much needed.

All good networks with a decent level of security come from good network design plans, not the top of your head.2

The Importance of a Network Design Plan

A network design plan will determine the success and competence of your network. It has been said that there are only two categories of networks — those that are well designed and planned and those that have been pieced together in sections over time. The former is typically better in many different areas.

A network design plan results to a high level network performance. Since networks that arise from plans are proven to be better, you will be assured of your networks’ consistent high quality performance including application response time and the variation in response time.

A network design plan allows for resilience. A network that has been well-planned should provide a resilient platform for the applications it supports. There should be a goal of zero downtime for mission critical or necessary applications and 99% availability for other applications. The failure of one step of the process should not result in the loss of an entire client-server session.

A network design plan allows for scalability. Good network design plans also allow for scalability without the need for a total redesign.  A scalable network should accommodate growth and change without requiring a significant overhaul of its infrastructure.

A network design plan results to cost-effective operation. Cost is considered the most fundamental driver behind the network design process; hence, networks must also be cost-effective in their design and implementation. Moreover, it should be characterized by relatively consistent running costs.

The Competencies Gained in Network Design Training

Interested to learn more about network design? Subnet Services’ CFOSD course covers overall planning, implementing, and management of fiber optics network design and systems. Specifically, this training will help you prove your competence in the following areas:

  • What is involved in designing a fiber optic network
  • How to choose components appropriate for communications systems
  • How the proposed routing of the cable plant affects component choice and installation
  • Using loss budgets to ensure the communications systems will work over the fiber optic proposed cable plant
  • How to determine what should be tested and documented
  • What paperwork and documentation will be needed for the project
  • How to create a plan to install the project
  • How to manage the installation

You may communicate with our Customer Sales Team for more information about our training courses.


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