Fiber Optics Outside Plant & Structured Cabling Design & Installation Works – Subnet Construction Inc. (Part of Subnet Group)

         Subnet Services Ltd are FOA (Fiber Optics Association) Internationally Accredited


Fiber Optics & Structured Cabling
Designing, Planning, Installation and Quality Completion Testing of fiber optics networks.

From the fiber optics network design stage to outside plant and complete FTTH building structured fiber optic cable installation.

› Industry Competence Qualification –FOA Accredited Facility Training
› Experience
› Competent Workforce
› Dependability
› Quality

Clients are assured that with our International FOA Accreditation FOA#728 All our Managers, Supervisors and Technicians are fully trained and Certified to International FOA standards.

      Site Survey and Design

Our Design and Site Engineers provide Inspection, Design and Planning of Fiber Optics Network installation.
Ensuring design, implementation and installation will follow recognized standards and materials.
Project Management starts early.

      Fiber Optics Outside Plant

Our outside plant above and below ground Fiber Optic Installation services provides cable laying, fusion splicing and testing using recognized procedures to International Standards to ensure Project Acceptance.
Our competent internationally certified staff attend quality FOA Fiber Optics Training to the levels required.

      Building/Premises Cabling

Our quality Fiber Optics Premises Network Installation services makes any project successful.
Our Quality Fiber Optics Structured Cabling Installation uses quality International standards according to the design plan. Quality modern network components and materials must be used.


› Structured Cabling  › Cable Laying
› Outside Plant (OSP) › Fiber Optics Splicing
› Site Survey and Design › Project Acceptance
› Testing and Commissioning › Security Systems (CCTV, Monitoring etc.)


You may contact us here for the details:
Mobile Number: 0917-576-6544
Email: fiber@2build4less.com

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