Why Choose Subnet Services as Your Training School?

Subnet Services

To say that SubNet Services is the training school you should choose is an understatement. Find out in this blog post why.

1. Successful Students

We pride ourselves on our students. Through the years, we have produced successful remotely operated vehicle (ROV) personnel, as well as fiber optics and premises cabling technicians worldwide. Let’s see where some of them have gone to after their stint with SubNet Services.

SubNet Students Testimonials

“I have had a lot of work since doing my ROV Course at SubNet: (1) Lamnalco Ltd., U.A.E., (2) Canadian Nexen Terminal Ash Shihr, (3) Fugro Survey Pte. Ltd., and (3) Loyang Offshore Supply Base.”
— Ian B. (ROV student)

“Since passing the SubNet’s Commercial Oilfield ROV course, I have had work as follows: (1) Sonsub (Saipem, Eni), (2) OLT Offshore LNG Toscana Platform in Italy, (3) Castor UGS Development Project in Spain, (4) Nippon Salvage Co in Japan, (5) Nido Petroleum, (6) Pacific Battler, (7) Offshore Manpower SA (OMSA), and (8) Rubicon Offshore International.”
— Kevin P. (ROV student)

“I have had great jobs fast in the last few months since being with SubNet on the Supervisor’s Course. I just completed my first supervisor job and did well. Instructors from the course would be proud of me. I have just been thanked by a client for ‘a great job’.”
— John C., UK (ROV student)

“I did the SubNet ROV Commercial ROV Pilot Tech Course. A sample of my work since then are: (1) Fugro ROVTECH, (2) Sub Ocean Group, (3) Fugro, UAE, (4) Mc Dermott/Aramco, Safaniya Field, (Saudi Arabia), (5) MMT AB, (6) Nord Stream, (7) Fugro (UAE), (8) RasGas , North Field (Qatar), (9) Sime Darby Engineering (SDE), (10) GT Electronics, and (11) MV Sarsen.”
— Mark P. (ROV student)

2. Quality Instructors

We owe our students’ success to our instructors. Because here at SubNet Services, we only have highly-experienced instructors in all our courses. We make it a point that we provide our students only the best training personnel. Thus, they can be workplace-ready after their training with us.

SubNet Services Students Testimonials

“The instructors gave me extra help on difficult tasks until I proved it. I am now working in an ROV company in Nigeria with great pay. Thanks!”
— Becon A., Nigeria (ROV student)

“Good service that I have had from the company and the instructors are really, very cooperative. Thank you very much!”
– Ali Zolaly (ROV04E student)

“Instructor is very well prepared and has mastered the topic and the application.”
– Gerard Jude Bagares (Combined Basic CFOT and CFOSH student)

“Instructors gave us their full time. They gave so much help to us during the course in the matter of practical and theoretical.”
— Ooi H., Malaysia (ROV student)

Very helpful and experienced instructors. Effective piloting skills taught by both instructors. They maintain a good relationship with students, which help in communication and learning easier. Overall thumbs up for the ROV instructors. They’ve made learning an enjoyment!”
— So C., Malaysia (ROV student)

“What I like more on this training is that the instructor is very good in discussion and very hands-on at work. I learned a lot. All materials needed for hands on are well provided.”
— Jhay Jhay Q. Roldan (CPCT student)

“ROV instructors had excellent knowledge of the subject and were happy to help whenever they could. My skills with the ROV manipulators and sonar improved much quicker than I imagined. Thanks for their help. I will be recommending this course to others.”
— Aaron S., Australia (ROV student)

“Thanks to our instructor for all his help. He has been running around all the time to make sure that things are going according to training schedule.”
— Daryl L., Malaysia (ROV student)

3. Comprehensive Courses

You can always count on us for quality courses. As the first company to provide the ROV Pilot Technician course in the Philippines and the only Fiber Optic Association (FOA) approved school in Metro Manila, SubNet Services is a reliable source for all your fiber optics and ROV training needs. By taking our competency-based courses, you can be internationally certified and qualified to work worldwide.

SubNet Services Students Testimonials

Lots of knowledge in comparatively short time! It made us miss so many things in theory. But overall, the course was good for the knowledge is useful for future application.”
— Mehendale Kailash Harihar (ROV04E student)

Knowledge gaining training.  Thank you for the additional knowledge.”
— Jose U. Panlaqui Jr. (CFOT student)

“The fact that it was hands on and all the materials (e.g. information) was supplied and simplified to a point that it was easy to understand. Overall, extremely happy! Good instructors with very good advice on the materials.”
— Toby Bocock (ROV04E student)

“I learned more and gained more knowledge from this training.”
— Gilbert Fabia (CFOT student)

“The training is very informative. Thank you for all of your efforts.”
— Ashley Thomas Alvarez (CFOT student)

Very comprehensive course where we had to prove ourselves in doing meaningful tasks. Enjoyable!
— Paul S., Canada (ROV student)

“There is some additional and helpful information that I didn’t encounter in my actual work.”
— Wilfredo Salvador, Jr.  (CFOT student)

“It covered the aspects of training to meet my requirements of comprehending the topics at home. The course material has given a jump start to my knowledge about the related topics.”
— Pawera G. Singh (ROV05S student)

“The hands-on training is great. The practical side of the training is the best way to actually see how the components function.”
— Joseph Goldsworthy (ROV05E student)

4. Worthy Investment

Our training is a worthy investment for our students. Aside from teaching them the knowledge and the skills required in their respective courses, we make learning a fun and great experience for them. We do not want them to leave Subnet Services unsatisfied.

SubNet Services Students Testimonials

“I am flying work class ROV every day now, but I still remember having to build my own tiny ROV project on the SubNet course. Putting all those bits of plastic and components together and making it fly in the test tank with the laptop was fun but so interesting and worthwhile. I still have that project in my home, I just can’t throw it.”
— JS, UK-Thailand (ROV student)

“Learning is fun, and I learned a lot. Thanks SubNet! More power.”
— Martius Turiano (CFOT student)

“It was actually very good training for me! Good instructors and well improved laboratory materials. The instructors have a free mind about the candidates, so I am very happy with SubNet Services. Thank you!”
— Mohammed Shafi (ROV05 student)

“Materials being covered are applicable in the IT field.”
— Matthew Ho (CFOT student)

“On the training, I get a lot of useful knowledge, information, and great experience in ROV. It’s really satisfying.”
— Stanley J., Malaysia (ROV student)

“It was a great experience for me in learning ROV, and I enjoyed the course very much. I really appreciate it.  (1) Very kind staff members.  (2) Good instructors and equipment.  (3) Good facilities. (4) Interesting place.”
— Alai W., Malaysia (ROV student)

5. Highly Recommended

As a training school, we have earned the respect of our students through the years. In return, we are here to stay and to keep providing the best training experience they deserve. After all, our students’ success is SubNet Services’ success.

SubNet Services Students Testimonials

“Your ROV Introduction Course over the internet should be mandatory, I really mean that. I understood so much when I arrived at the training. I felt comfortable on my first few jobs offshore, as I understood the basics of what the guys were doing and more importantly, what they were talking about.”
— Brian L., UK (ROV student)

“The small number of participants allowed us to have more quality time with the instructors and the QnA sessions. Good training facility and sufficient equipment!”
— Frankie Chiew (ROV05E student)

Would definitely recommend this course and package to all the people.”
— Blair S., Australia (ROV student)

“Instructors especially of the Basic Electronics are very knowledgeable of the course content. Transport was very good and very punctual.”
— JM, Singapore (ROV student)

“What I liked about this training was the professionalism of the training staff.”
— Adam Hamilton-Smith (ROV04S student)

“Instructors and equipment were both top notch. Accommodations and travel were handled very well.”
— Brandon P., USA (ROV student)

“Good accommodation and food provided. Transportation always punctual. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Great instructors that conduct the piloting course. Overall, a good experience.
— Jack A., USA (ROV student)

“Good environment, good instructors, good topics and subjects!”
— Arif Shahrizan Abdullah (ROV05S and CFOT student)

“I will recommend this to my colleagues and workmates.”
— Michael James Turiano Albatana (CFOT student)

To all our past SubNet students, thank you so much for all the kind words! And to you who are reading this, we hope to see you soon in one of our trainings.

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