Job Title: IMCA R03 ROV Pilot Technician Grade 1

Job Function: ROV Pilot/Technician Grade I
Job Category: R03

Code Competence Knowledge Ability Demonstration
R/R03/000/0101 Safety
  • Awareness of legislation/guidance, e.g. reporting accidents
  • Awareness of company safety management system and own role/responsibility
  • Implement incident/near miss reporting procedures when necessary
  • Adhere to offshore safety standards and maintain a safe working environment for self and others
  • React appropriately to safety critical situations and knowledge of immediate action needed to minimise/eliminate them
  • Work within company safety management system
  • Participation in relevant safety related activities
  • Appropriate use of correct PPE in all circumstances
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
  • Participation in relevant safety related activities
R/R03/000/0202 Emergency response
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures and processes
  • Knowledge of the ROV team members’ roles and responsibilities
  • Thorough understanding of company emergency procedure documents and where to find them
  • Handle emergency situations
  • Recognise a potential or actual emergency situation and report it accordingly
  • Describe own role in emergency situations and that of colleagues
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
  • Participation in drills
R/R03/000/0303 Communication and personnel skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of English permitting good oral and written communication
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with both less experienced and more experienced colleagues – work as part of a team and assist others
  • Assign tasks to subordinates and peers ensuring clear understanding and satisfactory completion
  • Assist with ROV operations under supervision.
  • Assist the supervision of launch and recovery operations in full range of sea states
  • Communicate with other team members
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
  • Participation in team based tasks, demonstrating the ability to work as peer and subordinate
R/R03/000/0404 Preventative maintenance
  • Identification of hazards likely to arise during maintenance activity
  • Risk mitigation procedures to be implemented prior to conducting maintenance on ROV systems
  • Perform planned maintenance in accordance with operational requirements
  • Discuss work to be undertaken with supervisor
  • Carry out ROV system maintenance and complete planned maintenance schedules
  • Report and record work done
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
R/R03/000/0505 Fault finding
  • Fault finding processes and correct diagnosis of faults
  • Identification of hazards that could arise during fault finding and maintenance procedures
  • Locate and follow fault finding and maintenance procedures for electronic and mechanical systems within ROV system
  • Report and record work carried out
  • Maintain ROV control and navigational systems
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
R/R03/000/0606 Piloting an ROV(piloting/technical)
  • Understand the use of navigation aids
  • Piloting of the ROV in various types of operational circumstances
  • Identification of environmental conditions affecting ROV operations
  • Typical work sites and ROV operations at work sites
  • Manipulator functions and duties
  • Pre and post dive checks
  • Utilise all available navigation aids and operate ROV system; if assessor not present supervisor may be required
  • Operation of the ROV when assessor not present
  • Navigate an ROV to the work site, in a range of environmental conditions, fully utilising appropriate navigational aids
  • Carry out a range of manipulator activities proficiently using a 5 or 7 function manipulator
  • Carry out all general manipulator duties
  • Carry out appropriate pre and post dive checks
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
  • Signed off copies of pre and post dive check lists
R/R03/000/0707 Umbilical/tether termination
  • Tools and test equipment requirements
  • Electrical and mechanical specifications for termination
  • Risk assessment and other safety requirements specific to umbilical/tether termination
  • Tests required before and after termination
  • Prepare the work area, and select and prepare the equipment and tools
  • Remove termination from vehicle and fit cable identification for re-fit, after it has been risk assessed
  • Can carry out electrical and mechanical umbilical/tether terminations
  • Prepare re-termination, including testing as necessary, and correct handling of fibre optics, after it has been risk assessed
  • Perform appropriate mechanical and electrical tests before reconnection, after it has been risk assessed
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
  • Completion of relevant documentation
R/R03/000/0808 Specialist equipment
  • Understanding of what specialist tools and equipment may be required for a range of defined tasks within the capability of the ROV system
  • Remove, test, inspect and install specialist equipment
  • Perform correct maintenance procedures
  • Install additional equipment
  • Plan sequence of operations, ensuring relevant authorisations, maintenance specifications and time limitations used under supervision
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
R/R03/000/0909 Administration
  • Understanding completion of documentation and logs
  • Working knowledge of company QA and associated procedures
  • Complete video logs and information indentation to client specifications
  • Perform audio and video dubbing as required to company/client specification
  • Ensure all recorded information fully complies with company QA/QC policies and procedures
  • Capable of co-ordinating collection of dive records – video, audio and written
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook
R/R03/000/1010 Project activities
  • Understanding of project equipment operation procedures
  • Demonstrate familiarisation
  • Conduct project planning
  • Develop ROV dive plans
  • Approved assessment by company official
  • Logbook


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